Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hey it me again! I'm going to tell you something :

How to finger knit!!!
1. Yarn
2. Fingers
3. Scissors

First take about an arms length or yarn leaving it attached to the roll still
Next put the ball of yarn to your left
Lay the peice of yarn over your stomach
Move your left hovering over ur stomach
Lay the end of the string across your hand, pinky to thumb
Wrap the yarn around your pinky
Weave I'm and out of your fingers, until you have 2 rows of yarn on each finger
Lift the bottom train over the top one and off your finger
Do this for each finger
Repeat, except just weave your pinky instead of looping it

Keep repeating until you have a skinny ish scarf!

Ps I wish I could post pictures idk how

Lol weirdness

Haha it's been like 1 min ssince I posted lol  I'm still sooooooooooo bored!
What are some things I should do? I bet noones gonna read this so... Ya
Still, ummmm I like swimming and do swim team, I did prince middle school tennis
Natalie Henderson isn't my real name
I wish I could flyyyyyy!
I'm still bored and done with my toast
I like rock climbing and movies and building forts
I have a fever of 101 so I'm like delirious ( is that even a word)
My friends are the best! They were thinking about ditching school to come talk to me! Luv u guys!
Go hang a salami I'm a lasagna hog
God a red nugget a fat egg under a dog
Dammit im mad
What is with all theses sentences?
I want candy
What about the zombie appocolyps?
What will I do?????
Haha it's like I'm high!
Ok I'm done goodbye!
No I'm not! I am a poet!
If I could I would should I know it?
Lol that's really weird
I met a hobo with a beard
Do you like my blog
God a red nugget a fat egg under a dog

First time! Plz read

Hey guys! This is my first time blogging so please go easy on me 😉 I'm sick in bed and I need something to do. Let me tell you bout myself...
I'm 14
I'm a girl
I love maximum ride series!!
I'm eating toast right now
Love Jenna marbles!
I like to cook
My schools initials ate PMS ( prince middle school)
I love jokes and quotes
I'm going to try to write every day but ill prob forget

Quote of the day:
Everything is nothing, with a twist
-some person who I forgot his name I think it was Kerr or something 😁